Reiki Grand Mastership

Reiki Grandmaster Level is only for the people who wish to further develop themselves into a Reiki Master. Here, they will have access to all the Reiki Master symbols and are allowed to perform attunement process on others. More complex healing cycles will be taught at this level, with the aim of expanding your Reiki influence. The word “Shihan” means a teacher. As the meaning goes, this is a teaching level and is recommended for those who are committed to Reiki and want to take up the responsibility of teaching Reiki to others but at the same time, it is not strictly denied to those who want it for themselves only.

At this level the emphasis is on the ability to pass attunements to others, not on healing abilities. The student is taught to pass attunements for the First Degree, Second Degree, Teacher Degree (3A) and Master Degree. This is for those students who wish to teach Reiki. It is necessary that a continuous use of Reiki and a prerequisite of Third Degree for Personal Mastery be completed before applying for the Master/Teacher level. In this level, one is taught how to do attunements, which open the recipient to receive greater amounts of Reiki energy. These attunements are not initiatory, but are designed to help you access more energy when giving hands-on or absentee treatments.

The end goal of this last level of training is to make you a Reiki Master who can initiate, teach, and train others into the art of Reiki. Participants who have completed Reiki-III-A Degree and are eager to enhance the healing power and wish to renew and deepen their commitment to Reiki Healing and Reiki Treatment. Moreover they wish to receive and learn how to use further Advance Reiki Symbols revealed to Dr. Usui. Basically the Reiki Master Degree is for those who also wish to teach and attune others. Taking Reiki Mastership requires total commitment to Reiki System and a real desire to integrate it into your whole life.